One thing we totally forgot to post about is our Radio Radio event in january (well. it’s only april now)…
We invited Joyce Hinterding & David Haines and they combined their performance in WORM with an exhibition in Roodkapje. Here are some photo’s…

radio radio event… 

smell & hum installation… (roodkapje)

Other thing that happened on the radio radio event was the sub-premiere of a new Klangendum/Worm project; ‘Geluidhuiden’ a text & sound piece by poet Saskia De Jong & composer Yannis Kyriakides.

It will come out on cassette this month…. together with the other 3 radioplays we produced last year…



We’re sorry! We been neglecting all the people that came to do residencies in the worm studio for the last few months. So let’s catch up.

The first few days of the year we had Pete Swanson doing things.

He also did a small gig with this machine;

The next patient was Jorgen Teller from Kopenhagen. He did some great stuff with the old synths but also invited innocent passers-by to come & jam. Like these people…

from left; Martin Ruiten, Lukas Simonis, Yuri Landman & Jorgen Teller.  Later Arnold vd Velde also joined the crew.

Then we had DSRLines from Antwerpen working on a new album… He promised to send us stuff as soon as he finished it at home…

First thing in february was Marit Shalem recording voices for her new film, Frozen Hope.  
Then it was Andre Castro’s turn for a project with the Piet Zwart Institute (that is still not finished, they come in every now and then…).
Next was Tim Coster…check him out here; and here;
Lucinda Guy had a special invitation from us; we asked her to make a radioplay in our Horspil series. She was here a week and was good on her way for her radiopiece and she also appeared on the Fucking Good Art event where she made everybody sing hymns.  Lucinda is also one of the founders of soundartradio
(soundartradio in action, lucinda in front)
(Lucinda at the FGA event in worm)
Next where Chrome Brulee, an electronic band from Belgium, Hasselt. They will also join the cassette festival that will take place in worm in april. SEE HERE.
Then Alex Barnett from Chicago showed up and made new recordings for his new album. The few snapshots he showed us promised good!
(Alex in the worm/klangendum studio)
Last week Crystal Dorval 
worked in the studio, after touring this side of the world for a few weeks. 
so that’s all for the moment, next on the list are the Bohman Brothers, Singapore Sling & Rachid Prins…
we’ll keep you posted…


Klangendum 4 ; Yan Jun special

A Special about Yan Jun
Yan Jun, musician and writer. born in Lanzhou in 1973. based in Beijing.
involved in: improvisation, electronics, feedback, site-specific performance/installation, field recording, organizing, writing.
member of: FEN (FarEast Network), Tea Rockers Quintet, Impro Committee.
He has toured in US, Australia, Europe and Asia. also performs at audiences’ home (“Living Room” project). his Micro Feedback project is a headphone hypnotizing for small amount of audience.
(a mixture of excerpts and ‘whole songs’)
music for listening on the moon
piscus isariots
Hankil’s International Enemy Club (from mars tour diary)
Gok Sound (from mars tour diary)
Cafe House (from mars tour diary)
big can

Klangendum 4 ; Yan Jun special Read More »

Dr Klangendum 3

– Margriet Kicks Ass; fighting frog in frozen water & Huh?
– Arp feuilleton met Al on Heavy metals Aesop Dekker + Evan
– Toshiya Tsunoda; inside of a pipe at the seashore
– Steven Mcgreevey; streams of whistlers
– Evan Dorrian; Dealing with jocks or how to travel anonymously
Nathalie Blanc, SemoNO!LinA/Amaury Bourget
(radio piece for radia_s30); Cerebro 
more info;
Cerebro is the result of the meeting between Nathalie Blanc, geograph-poet andSemoNO!LinA/Amaury Bourget, musician. During 2008/09, they worked together and composed 3 pieces with the texts written and read by Nathalie Blanc.
Acrobatic science fiction, this text tempts to cavort in limbo of a little bit atmospheric reflection, but which try to exhaust the detail of what is expressed here exactly, that is to say the future, our future…
These pieces are written to be live played, what the duet will make in particular for the Poetry international biennial event in Val-de-Marne, in 2009.
As suggested by JetFM, the project has been “updated” in a version which becomes trilingual (French, Portuguese, English) and accomodated musically.
Nathalie Blanc : geograph-poet :
Amaury Bourget/SemoNO!LinA : musician :

Thanks to Anne-Laure Lejosne, Damien Fourcot, Gilles Bruni, Philippe Brioude (photo).

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Dr. Klangendum 2

The Arp Feuilleton with;
– Dry Cleaning expert
– Dimitri The Stud
Kill All Humans – dan wilson
While i Was – Kamama (Audrey Chen and Luca Marini) recorded @ Worm Soundstudio 2011
3 tracks by Senyawa (Rully Shabara & Wukir ‘Bamboo’ Suryadi)
1 track by Tom Hall, recorded @ Worm Soundstudio, 2011
Migninokabmur Ed Anim by Sleganfeoh Nav Ierf Lrac (treatments by Dr Klangendum himself)
out come the wolves – radiopiece by La Danse De L’Ours (curated for radia network by radio Grenouille)
more info;
Out come the wolves is the second sound piece of Nicolas Perret and Cédric Anglaret’s project The four seasons of Paanjärvi in which, since 2009, they focus on the soundscape of the small russian village of Paanajärvi. Isolated in the thick primary forest of oriental Karelia, Paanajärvi has somehow fallen out of the time. Its inhabitants, the last custodians of the disappearing Karelian culture, live a tough life that is strongly bond to the nature surrounding them.
Winters are harsh in Paanajärvi. At this latitude, the sun doesn’t show much and temperatures remain way below freezing for many months. As winter progresses food gets rare for the wolves. Out of the forest they approach the village at night to attack dogs, that the villagers try to protect by all means. As long as dogs are barking the wolves are still far; once they are silent they are nearby. In the winter of 2012, 23 dogs were eaten by the wolves in Paanajärvi.
Following Out come the wolves, a 6 minutes addition sheds light on the Man who eats dogs.
The four seasons of Paanjärvi is supported by SCAM, Défi Jeune, the Juminkeko Foundation and Radio Grenouille.
In 2007 Nicolas Perret and Cédric Anglaret have joined their practice of sound, documentary and music in a common project of collection, creation and diffusion. Since they work under the name La danse de l’ours.

Out come the wolves – winter, Recorded in March 2012 in Paanajärvi, Duration: 23 min, Mix: Philippe Chario. The man who eats dogs, Recorded in March 2012 in Paanajärvi, Duration: 23 min, Mix: Philippe Chariot

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Er ging iets mis bij de Concertzender vorige week! Vandaar dat de eerste aflevering van Dr Klangendum vandaag -9 juli- wordt uitgezonden.

 Eerste aflevering Dr Klangendum, woensdag 9 juli 00.00 uur, Concertzender

Dr klangendum 1 / 9 juli 2013 Dr Klangendum

Dr Klangendum is een programma over maar voornamelijk vol radiofonie, geluidskunst en andere audio-non-visuele misverstanden en vondsten (bedoelt U Fondsen ?). De makers zijn Henk Klangendum Bakker en Lukas Klangendum Simonis, voormalige werknemers- en gevers van de WORM Studio te Rotterdam waar ze radio-programma’s als Radio Worm en de Hørspil Reeks (via VPRO’s Cafe Sonore, nu genomineerd voor de guillotine) de wereld instuurden, en de voormalige CEM studio beheerden. De studio bestaat nog steeds, de activiteiten bestaan ook nog steeds (behalve genoemde ook nog het organiseren van residencies, workshops en eductatie-projecten, het doen van podium producties en het organiseren van experimentele & improv concerten) maar de Worm Studio heeft zich inmiddels afgescheiden van WORM en heet nu Stichting Klangendum… De samenwerking met WORM gaat wel door in de vorm van gezamenlijke producties en ook de locatie van de studio blijft (voorlopig?) dezelfde; in het WORM gebouw.

Dr Klangendum zal geen sleur van een radioprogramma worden… We kunnen niet zo goed tegen de regelmaat van een vast format en iedere keer weer de lijst afwerken… Een vorm van vastigheid is echter onvermijdelijk en die zal bestaan aan een keur van vaste medewerkers (oa. Adam Bohman, Vincent Denieul, Sara Pinheiro, eva.) en een rubriek in samenwerking met het Radia network (zie; waarin iedere week een kunstradio productie zal worden gepresenteerd door een van de leden (de producties duren steevast 28 minuten).  Verder staan er een aantal specials op stapel over geluidskunstenaars die we goed vinden, zullen er regelmatig radiofonische hoorspelen worden vertoond (een voortzetting van onze Hørspil Reeks, die nog tot as. januari bij cafe sonore loopt), hebben we een ‘perverse animals’ reeks in de maak en zijn er ook vergevorderde plannen voor radiofonische (weer dat woord, zie het als een eufemisme voor ‘psychedelisch in onbegrepen zin’) documentaires.

Reacties worden op prijs gesteld, bijdrages ook. Email ons;
Onze website & blog;   (vanaf augustus)

Inhoud Klangendum 1;
The Adam Bohman talking tapes -Adam Bohman
Test Fontaine Vincent –  Vincent Denieul
Arpy – Sarah Davachi
Taut Wires, Lice and Flies – Oscillatorial Binnage
Ultrasonic City – Wendy Van Wynsberghe (Radio Panik voor het Radia Network)

Extra Info;
 Ultrasonic city by Wendy Van Wynsberghe (Radio Panik)
“What do you hear in the city? What sounds are only perceptible in the ultrasonic realm, where bats and crickets communicate? Sounds which are so high, our human ears cannot perceive them. This acoustic world becomes audible in Ultrasonic City and they get their place in the sounds of the city and the world.
The urban sound world is quite dense. By extracting the ultrasound I wanted to reveal a sonic universe or even add another layer to the field recordings. When you hear only the ultrasonic layer of the city, you hear a place devoid of human voices. They simply do not reach that high. Some very quiet sounds get enhanced, such as rubbing your fingers together, frottements in French. In a park at sunset you hear the foraging bats, whilst at the same time, our human ears only register ducks, planes and other humans. A swimming pool gets reduced to splashes, you do not hear the children shriek nor play. Plastic, metal, water all produce ultrasounds.
With the help of ACSR, I was able to record the same place in the city ultrasonically and with high quality “normal” microphones. This revealing/unravelling/hiding of layers of sound I want to present in this documentary.
Director and narrator: Wendy Van Wynsberghe
Fieldrecordings: Marion Guillemette
Edits : Vincent Mattyn and yours truly
Thanks for your patience, support and tenacity: Acsr, Carmello, Clementine & Carine
2013 Creative Commons Attributions Non Commercial Share alike


Releaseparty Soundpiece with Machinefabriek, Pierre Bastien & Daisy Bell

Last tuesday we had a very nice party @ Worm; to celebrate the three records we released as a documentation/celebration of the Soundpiece Project we did last year.

the acts that we released all showed up and played a short show.
Here are some photo’s that Theo Huijgens took;



 Daisy Bell

 And here’s the press info on the records. At the moment you can order them from the worm shop ;
WORM SHOP They will also be distrubted through ‘the usual’ channels , more info about that later.
Other thing;
There’s only 200 copies of each record available…
If you order the threesome, you get a nice discount (but this only counts if you buy the records from the wormshop)

3 New Vinyl releases by WORM Records

Performer: Machinefabriek
Title record: 15/15
WORMREC 4276, 12”, yellow vinyl
Performer: Dyane Donck/Daisy Bell
Title record: Proverbs of Hell
WORMREC 4277, 12”, pink vinyl
Performer: Pierre Bastien
Title record: Entomology
WORMREC 4278, 12”, blauw vinyl

threesome of coloured vinyl by WORM Records. These records are
extraordinary not just because of their appearance (bright yellow, blue
and pink vinyl), but because of their arising history as well. The
a-sides of the records were recorded for Soundpiece, a soundinstallation
under the floor of the Schouwburgsquare in Rotterdam.

invited the composers Machinefabriek, Pierre Bastien and Dyane
Donck/Daisy Bell to compose a piece for this. The results are three
soundartworks/tape compositions that are made for public space, but are
impressive as isolated piece of art as well. Something that stands out
as well, is the different approaches of the three composers.The pieces
were played at fixed times at the Soundpiece installation, for a month
at the end of 2011.

On the 8th of october 2012, these records were presented in WORM with a performance of all three performers.

Dyane Donck/Daisy Bell
Bell is the new group of Donck. The live show involves a collection of
electronic and acoustic instruments, harmony vocals, lots of live
sampling and sound processing plus a video projection, illustrating each
song with minimal, yet evocative imagery.  All songs are based on
poetry by William Blake. His texts provide the vocal spine of the
compositions. These range from experimental musique concrete to pop
“with a twist” with a strong intensity, dark atmosphere and raw beats.

Pierre Bastien
is very French, but lives in Rotterdam for quite some time now. His
work finds its place on the secant of installations / robotica / visual
arts on one side and soundart / jazz / improvisation on the other.
Pierre is signed to the Rephlex label (the Aphex Twin playground) but
also does projects for lots of other labels and works for dance and
theatre as well.

Machinefabriek is the
project of Rutger Zuydervelt. Machinefabriek’s music combines elements
of ambient, modern classical, minimalism, drone and field recordings. He
has a big discography, containing his own releases as well as releases
on renowned lables.

Soundpiece is a
soundinstallation in the public space of the Schouwburgsquare in
Rotterdam and covers an area of 30 by 30 meter through 32 speakers. It
can be heard across the entire Schouwburgsquare at limited volume.

Releaseparty Soundpiece with Machinefabriek, Pierre Bastien & Daisy Bell Read More »

Truus de Groot was in our studio. 

We invited her to make a radioplay for our Hörspìl-series. It will be broadcasted by VPRO Radio 6 , Cafe Sonore and will be our next contribution to the Radia network-series. (end of june/beginning of july).

Here’s allready the stuff she wrote about what she did & credits & etc.

name of the radioplay/ radiophonic/ Autobiographic opera/ musical;  

Truus Makes Waves

By Truus de Groot


Johnny Dowd    – presenter

Solex (aka  Elisabeth Esselink) – Instrumentation  on “NY NY”

Kathy Ziegler – Bontempi Organ on “Toilet Dame”

Written by Truus de Groot (aka Geertruda De Groot Hrnjak) 2012

An autobiographical opera  by Truus de Groot about her earliest years in the US.  Dealing with the isolation and loneliness through  her ongoing often humorous audio observations that she has collected over the years.

The piece starts out with Truus reading form her Diary in 1980, shortly before her departure to the US.  Just minor observations of a 20 year old, nothing special yet a moment in time.  Not really a clue she would be going to the US mere months later, never to call the Netherlands her home again.  

It was an adventure looking back  for her, but at that time these were just impulsive decisions.  Never thinking twice, why am I doing this?  Is there future here??  What will I do?   Her first stop was a connection she made on a whim in Eindhoven, David Linton, who lived in Tribeca, NY.   His roommate was Lee Renaldo, who was at that time painting.     From there her US journey began.

In her isolation she could see the absurd humor of a culture that was so new to her.     The many hours spent just looking at people, their silly habits, crazy public fights, moody encounters, make this opera a time capsule of sorts.   It also conveys her frustrations of being harassed endlessly by the prying eyes of males that feasted their eyes on a beautiful yet naive young immigrant. 

However bothersome that might have been, Truus always translated it into humorous  musical reflections.    It is not dark yet perhaps a bit cynical, but full of irony.   

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RADIO RADIO with Truus De Groot, The Tobacconists en Daniela de Paulis

A live event organised by the WORM STUDIO@WORM, april 5th…

The event was broadcasted as live streaming audio, and will, in an edited form be broadcasted again on Radio 6,  VPRO’s cafe Sonore. The two tape compositions that were played were by KAMAMA and The Future Sounds Of Folk.

text about the event; (in dutch, sorry)
WormRadio/radioWORM is afkomstig van het live-gebeuren en de eeuwigdurende zoektocht naar een podium voor onalledaagsheid. Zowel op radiofonisch/geluids gebied als op documentair/menselijk gebied. In het kort gezegd; eind jaren 90 inspireerde de electronische revolutie in de rock & experimentele muziek ons tot de gedachte dat het live optreden eigenlijk net zo goed als radio gebracht kon worden (omdat het ‘performance’element ten enemale ontbrak), tegenwoordig inspireert de ‘content is overal’-revolutie ons tot de gedachte dat we juist moeten inzetten op een ‘schaarste’ revival. Als de podcasten en streaming content voor het oprapen ligt is het misschien zaak van de radio weer een ‘hot medium’ te maken bijvoorbeeld door middel van onherhaalbaarheid zoals ons RADIO RADIO evenement van vanavond. Hoewel het geheel ook live gestreamed wordt en dus eigenlijk als ‘radio’ uitzending (met beeld`) over de gehele wereld te volgen is.
Ons programma bestaat uit interviews met alle betrokken, twee Tape Composities die in opdracht van WORM zijn gemaakt, een live-hoorspel, een Radio Performance en tot besluit een muziekoptreden.

RADIO RADIO with Truus De Groot, The Tobacconists en Daniela de Paulis Read More »

picture&sound-update on radiowormstudio projects WORM AT STRP 2010 and STUDIO-SKVR WORKSHOP. RADIOWORM IN VIENNA and Z6 TRIPPLE LAUNCH PARTY

Rotterdam RecordLabel z6 released 3 issues this year: By Huib emmer, LG Simonis/Anne Laberge and the Static Tics.
Here are some picts off the release party at roodkapje

The WORM radio/studiocrew were busy traveling, doing live horspil in linz, brno and vienna (at the MQ and ORF radio). we were especially happy to find out that alan ginsberg is still alive. (in more then 1 entity). Here’s the place we played in BRNO, Skena Louka…

And the next morning, David Subik (who organised the concert) and Josef Cseres (who attained) looked like this…

And this was in Vienna, our performance at Museumsquartier…

The final version of the radioplay was done at ORF Kunstradio and broadcasted the same evening. It was very well (live-)mixed by the ORF technicians. And of course, we stupid peasants were flabbergasted by the luxuries of the ORF Radioplay Studio. Except the usual stuff (great mics, 5.1 surround, very expensive looking HD recording gear) the pebbles path was out favorite…

And this is us, looking very relaxed….

A week later, the whole WORM crew to strp fest in eindhoven, where we build a song poem studio…
We made a Radia Network Program about it.  Here’s the explanation….


This show consists of a number of songs that were made by the Radio WORM Song Poem Crew at the STRP Festival in Eindhoven (november 2010). The theme was ’80ties cassette culture’ and the idea was that the audience could choose a genre from a menu, write a text, pay 3 euro’s, and then the  Radio WORM Song Poem Crew would make the song with ‘original’ 80ties gear (the most advanced device being a 4track cassette machine), hence the ‘vintage’ sound qualities of the pieces. The song was delivered within a short time (5 – 30 minutes) to the client on cassette tape. The available genres on the menu were; Depressing Lo Fi Noise, Boring Art Shit, Early Happy Commodore, Gay Budget Beats, Industrial SM Love Songs, Echoïstic Melancholia Dub, Fucked Up Cassette Hardcore and Incredible Cheap Casio-Pop. There were 19 songs made in a few hours, the best of them you’ll find here. Text subjects vary from ode’s to leaving colleague’s, the impossibilities of having a love affair where one lives in Eindhoven and the other in Amsterdam, Statements about Radio Art, a Monty Cantsin Neoist Song and lots of boring and horrible poetry. Enjoy!

People involved; Lukas Simonis, Henk Bakker, Robert Kroos, Merijn van Ham, Joost Bult, Alexander van Straten, Annemarie Nijhof, Rik Den Dood

Also performed was a testrun of HISS the tapemusical, with live music by: Wouter van Veldhoven – Aki Onda – Tapetronic – Zombies Under Stress
HISSSSS….. – a Cassette Docu Musical Revue
with a.o.: Frans De Waard and many guests. Soundclips of the preformances later to come.

analogue digitalism

radio art

say what’s up


sm filosoof

tysmanus beuk


vier tellen geleden

witte bloemen


Here’s a movieclip of the songpoem studio in action:




Also in progress is a big STUDIOworkshop held in cooperation with SKVR involving live music and studio recording for kids.







picture&sound-update on radiowormstudio projects WORM AT STRP 2010 and STUDIO-SKVR WORKSHOP. RADIOWORM IN VIENNA and Z6 TRIPPLE LAUNCH PARTY Read More »