Klangendum : Sound-Related Projects, Radio-art, Performing Arts

Klangendum is an organisation that deals with the conceptualisation, initiation, production and performing of sound-related projects. These projects can be combinations of autonomous or specific sorts of soundart, like radiophonic techniques and radioplays or ready to play radioformats but also live radioplays, tours for bands, performances, opera’s, musicals and experimental concertseries on different locations. The goal is always to look for challenging circumstances or creating one wherein the listener might experience something unique and where the artists of different skills and backgrounds meet.

Klangendum supervises and manages the WORM/Klangendum studio at the current WORM Location in Rotterdam: a multifunctional and user friendly, analogue sound studio with a unique collection of vintage synthesizers. For this facility we organise residencies and (sometimes) workshops.

WORM’s Sound Studio was founded in 2001 by Lukas Simonis and Henk Bakker (aka Dr 2 & 1 Klangendum). Both were both long term organisers (and co-founders) at WORM. They produced countless events and productions for radio, studio and stage. Klangendum’s productions reach an extended network worldwide of independent and innovative radio stations, such as Radia.fm, Resonance FM (UK), Soundartradio (UK), Curious Broadcast (Ireland), Orange (AUT),  WMFU (NEW JERSEY), ORF (AUT) and VPRO, NOS (in the past) and Concertzender (NL). Klangendum has also appeared on festivals like the much-missed Incubate en STRP.

Klangendum updates at worm.org

Klangendum likes history as much as it looks ahead. To give a new twist to an old but not yet wornout genre like the radioplay, or getting a bonafide mix of new hip and old but vibrant avant garde into a concert evening. Klangendum likes to play with poetry and sound, with fieldrecordings and soundwalks, on location or in the studio, on stage or on air, or on the web.

On this website you will find news about our current affairs and projects, as well as an overview of past projects and long term obsessions.