BLIND CINEMA (2019 – 20?) is the next in line of a series of formats that we developed for WORM about Radio Art, Deep Listening and Anything That Happens in the Ether. The Blind Cinema concept; We ask sound artists on a regular basis to make a radiophonic piece, which is then broadcast on Concertzender, the Dr Klangendum-show (now every Sunday, at midnight). The piece is preferably made in the WORM studio. One cooperation is with Codarts in Rotterdam. Two sound compositions by Codarts students and two radiophonic radio plays – will be played in WORM’s Blind Cinema. The makers will also be present. Commissioned by WORM/Dr Klangendum. We thought it would be a good idea to organise joint listening sessions every now and then… Assuming that it is special to experience this art of sound in the dark, with a number of listeners. No distractions, total focus, yet not lonely or alone…

ETHER SNIFFING (2015 – 2018) was a live magazine that brought performances and presentations by artists who use the ether as their discipline, their canvas. All performances were preceded by short interviews and the evening as a whole was recorded for the Concertzender and broadcasted on the Dr Klangendum-show.

RADIO RADIO (2012 – 2014) was radio as a perpetual search for a stage for unusualness; both radiophonic / sound and documentary sociological field. In short; At the end of the nineties, the electronic revolution in rock & experimental music inspired us to think that live performance could actually be performed just as well as radio (because the ‘performance’ element was utterly lacking). Today, the ‘content is everywhere’ revolution inspires us to believe that we should focus on a ‘scarcity’ revival.
If podcasting and streaming content is up for grabs, it might be a matter of making radio a ‘hot medium’ again, for example by means of unrepeatability such as our RADIO RADIO events. Although the whole thing was also streamed live and could actually be followed as a ‘radio’ broadcast (with images’) all over the world.
The program consisted of short interviews with all involved, compositions and soundwalks commissioned by WORM and a live radio play.