The Studios

The Worm Sound Studios consist of two rooms; The Klangendum Analogue Sound Studio; home of a wide collection of analogue instruments and vintage synths, and The Waveform Research Centre with a collection of vintage test equipment.

Both studios have a “plug and play” ethos, designed for easy working and recording. The studios are both open for residencies. We ask a small fee for studio use as the studios are only partly funded. In some cases it is possible to have studio time in exchange for a performance, as part of another WORM project, or a workshop. Please do ask us about the possibilities. We are open for applications from anyone; the only thing we expect from the musicians and artists is respect for the gear and being “professional” enough to handle it.

The Klangendum Analogue Sound Studio

The studio is a playground with an ad hoc, but fascinating collection of instruments, synths, effects and rhythms machines. It is used to make radio projects, (lots of) electronic music, soundscapes, collecting sounds and composing. The following link has a list of the studio equipment, so check it out: WORM-SOUND-STUDIO-inventaris-update. The studio has a multi-purpose set-up, all instruments can be routed to the mixer and a Metric Halo Soundcard. There are lots of midi possibilities and it is also possible to just take an instrument, put it on the table and record on your own or on our second soundcard.

The Waveform Research Centre

The Waveform Research Centre is open for residency and short sessions.
This is a very special unique studio with a big collection of test equipment. All collected and selected by Mono-Poly (Dennis).

There are no sequencers, VCAs or envelope generators made in this format and in our collection. But we can still do cool stuff. Not just drones. And that is because we also have stuff that doesn’t exist in synthesizers: such as Lock-in Amplifiers and Boxcar gated integrators to name a few things. If you want to have a residency or a private session with Mono-Poly, please send a message to modular at gmail dot com.

You can see a few short clips showing the stuff we make here. Film #1, Film #2, Film #3, Film #4Film #5.

The equipment

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