Klangendum 4 ; Yan Jun special

A Special about Yan Jun
Yan Jun, musician and writer. born in Lanzhou in 1973. based in Beijing.
involved in: improvisation, electronics, feedback, site-specific performance/installation, field recording, organizing, writing.
member of: FEN (FarEast Network), Tea Rockers Quintet, Impro Committee.
He has toured in US, Australia, Europe and Asia. also performs at audiences’ home (“Living Room” project). his Micro Feedback project is a headphone hypnotizing for small amount of audience.
(a mixture of excerpts and ‘whole songs’)
music for listening on the moon
piscus isariots
Hankil’s International Enemy Club (from mars tour diary)
Gok Sound (from mars tour diary)
Cafe House (from mars tour diary)
big can