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We started making and curating radioplays in the year 2005, at the Worm Soundstudio, in those days still located at De Achterhaven in Delfshaven, Rotterdam. Our aim was to try to make work that was in between the Stockhauserish/art/veryveryserious  direction on one hand and the old fashioned squeaky door/gravel path/fiction play on the other.  I think we succeeded in that. Title of our series;


All the plays are still available on CD, we released them in small amounts and they can still be ordered through us or through the wormshop. Most of them are still up somewhere (try google) and we will eventually upload them somewhere nice and tidy and easy-to-find (maybe Free Music Archive or Archive.com).


horspil nr 1horspil nr 2



produced by Worm/Klangendum

  1. Wa Da De Minse Klappe Gelak As d’Onne Basse’ by; Didi de Paris & Lukas Simonis
  2. WET DREAMS OF THE POPE by Black Sifichi and Bart Plantinga
  3. BLOOD ELECTRIC by Henk Bakker & Kenji Siratori
  4. Four Short radioplays
  5. Strømblocque Fantasieën by COOLHAVEN
  6. RUUNWOET by; Olivier Nijs, Tok Tek en The Static Tics
  7. THE RAFT written by Xentossula Fraytonian Bentoz
  8. Poppenvlees by Erik Ward Geerlings, Pierre Bastien & Lukas Simonis
  9. Industrial Boy by kenji Siratori & Henk Bakker
  10. The Blind Owl by The Static Tics
  11. This Is Not A Radioplay By the X-Static Tics
  12. Fatalistic Flatworm By the X-Static Tics
  14. GHOSTS’ door Henk Bakker
  15. I AM FLY radioplay by Xentos Fray Bentos
  16. Gardensensibilities by Ursula Andkjar Olsen & X-Static Tics
  17. NewYork revolution Plan / NewYork Counterrevolution Plan by Yan Jun & X-Static Tics
  18. Geheimhouding Van Het Gepasseerde by Saskia De Jong, Henk Bakker & Lukas Simonis



Curated by Worm/Klangendum

  1. The Eldritch Transmissions: A Study in Radiophrenia‘ by Vernon & Burns
  2. DR. NAUT – an audible comic book by Jobina Tinnemans (aka. BLATNOVA)
  3. FLOCK by Anne La Berge
  4. The Hispaniola by Christopher Williams
  5. DE GOEDE BUURMAN by Hansko Visser
  6. WEDDING SONG (Bruilofslied) by Holy Mountain
  7. Duration Unknown by Sarah Washington & Knut Aufermann

  8. ‘No Man’s Land’ by Robert van Heumen

  9. Alles met mate, en zelfs dat’ by; Jeroen Visser

  10. The Silver Smokescreen by Vernon & Burns

  11. Four Science Fiction Radioplay Curated by Felix Kubin


  13. Buddha Machines 贝佛 40.26′ by the Martiensgohome collective.

  14. Van Diemens Landt 1642 by Phoebe Jeebe & Jonathan Bailey Cooke

  15. Börsenkrach by Christof Kurzmann

  16. Plantage SukaBumi by Philemon Mukarno

  17. In Afghanistan by Jan-Bas Bollen

  18. Croatan N1 by G Lucas Crane & Angela Moore

  19. Truus Makes Waves by Truus de Groot

  20. Fake Tanken by Han Buhrs & Nora Mulder