Studio Residency

At the moment we organize Studio Residencies and Workshops (anything from Sound Synthesis, Pure Data, Ableton Live, to Field Recording and Build Your Own Instrument) in our analogue studio, as partners of Worm.

For some years we managed the former Cem,/Klangendum/Worm Sound Studio where we organised residencies and projects.

The former CEM left us in january 2017, and we hooked up with some other partners, like the Rotterdam Noodle Bar Scene. In the end it turned out that the amount of studio equipment got bigger (more then we can put in the two small rooms we have) and that there are more possible ways to work in any direction (more modular stuff, a vintage lab, more rhythm machines, more ‘keyboard’ synths, a better mixing desk). We’ll post some photo’s of the new situation as soon as all is ready (big studio already in use, small studio still being prepared).

So, in and around the studio we organize Residencies and the occasional Workshop. The Studio is plug and play designed, for very easy recording or hooking up with midi. It has mainly the function of a laboratory, but can also be used as a recording studio. Sound artists and musician come here to start a new project, experiment, steal sounds from the vintage synths, or do a well recorded live session.

Feel free to inform about our residency program, and check our blog :