soopa_onemannation at the knobs


Mondaymorning…Its their first day of a week long stay at the studio, and they intend to use as many of the machines as possible, into a electro-gamelan piece they intend to make.
so first lessons on the arp 2500, how to get a controlled note out of it.
anyhow, 5 hours later, they already got the concussor going, filter external sounds thru the arp while sequencing, had a weary go at the serge, decided that the putney was out of control, and the arp 2600 not very reliable either.

Anyway, here’s a track they made that week and later mixed at home. Details on what we hear will follow.

Marc writes: “We used gamelan samples from a free library, sequenced them in Ableton Live, then set it out into the Serge and Arp 2500. The Arp was being modulated with lfo’s and envelops from the Serge as well as the other sequencer on top of the rack.”


yes folks, the kenton midi to cv converter is here and hopefully installed next month, so you can all come and get your miditools out and bonk away with the whole analogue caboodle behind it….

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