We invited the Lemuriformes to do a residency and presentation at worm. Allthough their starting point did not sound very rock n roll to our ears (Improvisation through oscillation) it turned into a very interesting project with a great live event at the end. It was about noise & electronics, improv strategies & interdisciplinary interactions. 

Some background; 
Lemuriformes is an improvisation project of Julie Dassaud (FR), Eliad Wagner (IL), Roel van Doorn (NL) and Laurens van der Wee (NL). It is a ‘mixed media’ project in which audio-visual live coding, painting and electronic Eclectica are used. The week of June 18 to June 23 they were guests in WORM and worked on a new piece that was presented live last sunday (june 24h).

Their starting point;
Musical movement has its origins in feedback. We are talking about feedback’ between systems (human systems, disciplines, digital, analog systems, etc.), tools, video, contact microphone on Julie’s pens.

At all levels oscillations (oscillations / vibrations) cause new actions that resonate in the connections between the parts and people who compose the system. The result is an aesthetic and challenging mix of disciplines and techniques.

Here’s the interview Lukas did with Eliat before the concert, about the way Lemuriformes worked;

Here’s one of the pieces; (musicians invisible, Julie doing live drawings)

Here are some photo’s from the project.

Supporting act; Idan Karucci with his project; Brain Waves.


marinus klaassen in the studio

till the very end we keep our studio operational. this week sonology student marinus is investigating some of the possibilties of the serge, and he’s orientating on working out some of his plans regarding using SuperCollider and AC-Toolbox to trigger some of the synths, and producing an algorithmic composition.


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Tojiko Noriko

Last week we welcomed Noriko in our studio where she dug in for a full week experimenting with a lot of the synths, recording tons as she plans to make a new album.

check below for an impression of sounds taken halfway the week.


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The Home Swinger

WORM Presents, yet another workshop, this one held a few months ago, and was very well received by the participants. It was called the Home Swinger D>I>Y workshop, done by Yuri Landman. The movie was done by Maria Botella.


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WORM Presents

Here are two clips of workshopstudents listening to the results of their work in our studio.

This Project is called Making Music At WORM and is developed especially for kids. Its a cooperation with SKVR.



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making music at WORM

Part two of our workshop for kids is underway. About thirty kids participate each time and listen to an artist (a mini concert and a story on his music) and make a track in our analogue studio with the aide of Radboud Mens. The artist this week is MachineFabriek.
This project is a cooperation with SKVR.
Here’s a little clipc catching the studio atmosphere


and a pict of the group at the shop

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