Upcoming Workshops!

WORM’S Muzieklab organises the coming 3 months 3 workshops;

saturday 26 februari ; Build your own electronic fun-box; The Benjolin by Rob Hordijk en Joker Nies.
Build your own Noise Synthesizer!

5, 12, 19 , 26 maart; Pure Data For Beginners
An introduction in the world of possibilties of the open source program ‘Pure Data’ : by Katja Vetter

2, 9 16, 23 april; Controlled Synthesis. By Radboud Mens.
How to set up cv and midi or vice versa: How does midi to cv/gate converters work, how to use analogue synths with pc’s

more info at www.wormweb.nl, or mail to lukas at wormweb.nl

also check out the links below

about rob & joker; http://web.me.com/klangbureau/DIY/The_Team.html

1. www.katjaas.nl
2. www.youtube.com/user/instantdecomposer