Tojiko Noriko

Last week we welcomed Noriko in our studio where she dug in for a full week experimenting with a lot of the synths, recording tons as she plans to make a new album.

check below for an impression of sounds taken halfway the week.


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14-05-11 De Waard/Jaspers Workshop

 ‘if you don’t have a good idea, you will never create a good composition’, ‘do more with less’ and ‘economy rules

Frans de Waard en Wouter Jaspers gave a workshop with these thoughts in mind. Do less with more was a conceptual workshop and covered important issues such as do you work with a score, or improvise, wich choises do you make and why.

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A Modular Synth Suitecase

This synth was made by greg zifcak (
Greg is on our wishlist for a studioresidency and workshop for a while now. we keep at it.

Right Side:

PAiA 9700 MIDI-to-CV Converter
PAiA 9710 Triple VCA w/ Looping ADSR
PAiA 9720 Dual VCO w/ Looping AD/R (2)
PAiA 9730 Dual VCF w/ Looping AD/R
Unity Gain 4 Channel Mixer w/ Inverted Output (3)
Output Interface

Left Side:

10 Step Sequencer w/ CV, Gate (legato), Gate (staccato), and Individual Step Outputs
Clock Divide by 2 – 10 (2)
Oscillator w/ Square, Triangle, and Auxiliary Divide by 3, 4, or 6 Outputs
Hex Squarewave Noise Source
Craig Anderton Super Tone Control Multimode Filter
4-Quadrant Multiplier (4)
Gain x2 Amplifier (4)
SSM2040 VC Lowpass/Allpass Filter (2)
Thomas Henry 8038 Audio Generator Linear VCO
AD/R Envelope Generator (2)
Buchla 230 Envelope Follower
Inverting Attenuator with Mix outputs (5)
Yusynth-based Sample/Hold
N/AND Gate
Voltage Source
Modified Realistic Reverb Analog Delay w/ Voltage Controlled Delay Time

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Nieuwe Workshop In April

Workshop Computer Controlled Voltage
door Radboud Mens
op 9, 16, 23 en 30 April, 1130h tot ongeveer 2 uur.
schade; ¤ 40 (studenten) ¤ 60 (rest van de wereld)

info en reserveren; lukas at

Computer Controlled Voltage – Workshop over hoe je je (modulaire) analoge synthesizer kan besturen met je computer.

Heb je oude analoge synthesizers en ben je geinteresseerd in het gebruiken van die synths in je muziek? Wil je een analoge synth integreren in je digitale studio set-up?
Oude analoge synths werken met CV en gate of trigger, hebben meestal geen MIDI en kunnen daarom maar moeilijk worden geintergreerd in een digitale studio set-up.  Maar dat is nou net wat je wilt; je oude synth controleren met je computer en combineren met harddisk recording en samples. Deze workshop gaat over het gebruik van synthesizers die geen midi hebben, in combinatie met een computer (die bv Ableton-Live draait).

De workshop bestaat uit 4 delen van ieder ongeveer 2 uur op 9, 16, 23 en 30 maart;

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Pure Data

The PD Workshop by Katja Vetter is well under way, and attrackted some 15 people, and rightly so, not only is pure date fascinating stuff, katja is very much specialised in this field, so the workshop knows a thorough theoretical and a very hands on approach.

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