Here is a rather chronological list of radioplays, produced by Worm/Klangendum. With ‘produced’ we mean; artistically involved in the making of these pieces. The first pieces were made in 2005, and all the radioplays were broadcasted by the VPRO, Cafe Sonore. Some were also broadcasted at other locations (radia network, Free Music Archive, Concertzender).

If there are still any working links availabe we will try to maintain them and link them here. This is a work in progress.


Strømboloque Fantasies

first broadcast; december 5th, 2005, cafe sonore, vpro radio

Text; Peter Fengler

Music; Hajo Doorn

Direction and production; Lukas Simonis

Cast; Stephie Büttrich, Peter Fengler

Musicians; Hajo Doorn, Lukas Simonis

Singers; Peter Fengler, Mariska Simon, Hajo Doorn en Lukas Simonis

Language: German

The ‘Strømboloque Fantasies’ is an electronic play/opera inspired by ‘Die Winterreise’ by Franz Schubert (music) and Wilhelm Müller (text). The play represents a modernistic, neurotic version of the romance of Schuberts time; the internal struggles between man and nature, and between the nature of man and himself. Leitmotif? Man’s battles with technology and knowledge, (is celery really healthy? Why can’t I get online right now?) and the myth of the modern ‘flexible’ man. The backdrop, and not unimportantly, is man’s longing for simplicity, clarity, safety and self-confidence.The lyrics and stories were all motivated by the book ‘David Hasselhof’ – by Jörg Fischer – about the actor and rockstar who became a household name thanks to his intimate relationship with K.I.T.T (his car) and later for his penchant for gazing ‘Ins Blaue Hinein’ during his work with ‘Baywatch. The general gist of it describes a tenuous link between classic Greek pathos and the making of a Hollywood star. The words in the play represent the protagonist’s internal monologue and the songs, his carrier.

Language; german Duration; 59’



first broadcast; january 2th, 2006, cafe sonore, vpro radio

written by Xentossula Fraytonian Bentoz

with music by Felix Kubin.

Guitar, Bass and Background vocals: Viktor Marek

Directed and produced by Lukas Simonis

and acted by : Stephie Buttrich, Peter Fengler, Peter George Blakeney, Joe Monk, Inge Willemsen, Alex Hart

An exciting action-thriller with unmistakably squirmy undertones. And the apparently ‘happy end’ is not quite as it should be. (without wanting to give it all away, the legless, Scandinavian terrorist and the reality-t.v. producer seem to have a lot in common).This is a joint effort from the London radio play virtuoso Bentoz (radio resonance), the Hamburg underground superstar Felix Kubin and the RadioWorm crew.

Language; english Duration; 60’



first broadcast;february 6th, 2006, cafe sonore, vpro radio

text; ErikWard Geerlings

music; Pierre Bastien

director and editor; Lukas Simonis

actress; Nanette Edens

A radio version of a piece by Geerlings, that was previously performed on the boards as a mime/dans/theatre. It’s a monologue by an expensive sort of sex-toy, (not a blow-up-doll we concluded!) called ‘Alphie’. Alphie messes up a relationship, and doesn’t come out unscathed.With mostly mechanical music, from the French instrument builder/musician/composer Pierre Bastien. Bastien is also known for his work for the ‘hip’ Rephlex label, and Geerlings is known ‘cos he is an inspired Rotterdams theatre writer, who’s worked in the past with Paul De Jong. (see; ‘The Books’)

Language; dutch Duration; 55’


Industrial Boy

first broadcast; march 6th, 2006, cafe sonore, vpro radio

text; kenji Siratori

Voice; Peter Taylor

Recording and editing; Lukas Simonis


Short, cut-up text by Cyberpunk writer, Siratori. Draped in a Northern Irish/watery/post-experimental soundscape.

Language; english Duration; 6’


The Blind Owl

first broadcast; march 6th, 2006, cafe sonore, vpro radio

Text; Sadegh Hedayat

Music,sounds; The Static Tics

Voices; Stephie Büttrich, Henk Bakker, Lukas Simonis

‘The Blind Owl’ is classic Iranian novel. In short it could be called ‘existentialist psycho horror”. Dynamic and structure of the book are very well suited for a radioplay-treatment. The approach is quite ‘psychedelic’ in a sinister way; a mixture of ‘radio brut’, multiple personality disorder-in-the-age-of-spam-kind of voices over a deconstructed story that still tells the orginal tale.

Language; english Duration; 59’



This Is Not A Radioplay’

first broadcast; august, 2010, radia network

By the X-Static Tics    28.01′

This is not a radioplay©˜ by WORM’s Simonis and Bakker was build from personal archive material and has some leading themes;  Spam for one, Bakker’s past time fascination to keep all the spam-mail ever send to him and read aloud the senders names as a performance, works wonderfully well with Simonis cut and paste technique, re-use of archive material such as fieldrecordings and foundfootage. To balance it out were some old Static Tics recordings elegantly draped around the various scenes, producing a light moodiish sphere of contemplation and absurdity.

Writing, directed, composed and produced by the X-Static Tics, Rotterdam




performance; june 14th, 2010, poetry international rotterdam, first broadcast; april 29th, 2011, VPRO’s cafe `Sonore, radio 6

text; Ursula Andkjaer Olsen
Composers: Bakker/Simonis
Played by: Henk Bakker – bass clarinet & electronics, Yuko Uesu – voice, Nina Hitz – Harp & Cello; Lukas Simonis – guitar & voice, Ursula Andkjaer Olsen – voice
Time: 36’13” june 2010

co-produced by Poetry International/VPRO’s Cafe Sonore

On the occasion of the 41st Poetry International Festival in June 2010, the Danish poet Ursula Andkjaer Olsen joined the Worm Crew to make this radiophonic work. The piece is filled with paving, cutting, mowing and gardenwood furniture and is a provider for all your needs in and around the garden.



Fatalistic Flatworm

first broadcast; november, 2010, ORF Kunstradio, Austria

 Writing, directed, composed and produced by the X-Static Tics, Rotterdam with the help from sascha Roth

This is a live radioplay called ‘A Fatalistic Flatworm’. It was recorded live at ORF radio studio, november 2010.  It’s a mixture of surreal text (in english),  noisy electronics and live-improv with guitar, electronics, bass clarinet & voice.  As a special guest we have Sascha Roth doing a voice for the play on one hand and, if neccesary some weird dj-ing afterwards on the other.

here’s the vienna radio info;”The Fatalistic Flatworm” von STATIC TICS (Live aus dem Studio RP 4 des Funkhauses in Wien)Das Duo STATIC TICS, bestehend aus Henk Bakker und Lukas Simonis, entstand aus dem Umfeld von WORM radio, einem niederländischen Kunst-, Webradio und Radiokunstprojekt. Eigentlich als Vorwand zum Improvisieren mit Laptops und Radiomachen gegründet, verwenden STATIC TICS sämtliches Audiomaterial, das ihre Harddrives hergeben: Radiojams, Fieldrecordings, Studioaufnahmen, Live-Improvisationen etc. Ausgangsüberlegung war, dass schneiden und unspontan sein ebenso interessant sein kann, wie live spielen – nur ist die Dynamik eine andere.
Für ihre Sendung im Ö1 Kunstradio ziehen die Künstler den Nervenkitzel des Live-Performens vor. “The Fatalistic Flatworm” ist ein Radiostück, das von Bakker und Simonis im Studio RP 4 live interpretiert und vorgetragen wird. Protagonisten sind der schicksalsergebene Plattwurm, “Fatalistic Flatworm”, und der Bürzel “Rump”.



NewYork revolution Plan / NewYork Counterrevolution Plan

performance; june 17th, 2011, poetry international rotterdam, first broadcast; november 25th, 2011, VPRO’s cafe `Sonore, radio 6

Text; Yan Jun

Composers; Bakker/Simonis

played by; Lukas Simonis – guitar, voice, Henk Bakker – bass clarinet & electronics;, Nina Hitz – cello, voice , Kaoru Iwamura – spinet, voice, Yan Jun – effects, speakers, voice

time; 48’30” june 2011

co-produced by Poetry International/VPRO’s Cafe Sonore

thanks; Peter Van Bergen, Studio Loos

A new radiophonic work of Chinese writer and sound artist Yan Jun. Not only known for his poetry, but also for his experimental music / soundworx. His poems rely mostly on journal notions of the political situation in his country. He considers his poems as political acts, not as political poems. Because poetry itself is a political act, according to Yan Yun. Made and played live for the 42th Poetry International Studio. But the recording is made @ Studio Loos, Den Haag en mixed @ Worm Studio.




Recording, editting and text by Xentos Fray Bentos

Cast; Abner Preis – Jacobus/Deurknob Jan, Iris de Kievieth – Inka, Hajo Doorn – barfly one, Joost Bult – barfly two, Anka Pajor – sex bar waitress, Lukas Simonis – harry melis / gepantserde piet, Vivien Cooke – Miss Lamb/Kruger, Henk Bakker – professor Vorwoerd, Mariette Groot – Dorkus the Shaman, Sascha Roth – erasmus the slave, Mike van Gaasbeek – husband, Katelyn Brand – wife, Mia Andresen – Maartje the Mystic, Karoly Toth – Father Abraham, Marjolein Berger – Mother, Megan Robinson Hagger – children, Ray Caddis Diptera – The Fly/ Vorster the Guard, Jack Thrush – Saxophone/ Vincent (the Irradiated German), Laszlo, Karaman, Kolya – “wie is neeskens’ children

recorded at WORM, april 2011, produced by Lukas Simonis

co-produced by VPRO’s Cafe Sonore

The eccentric radio artist Xentos Fray Bentos was guest at WORM in Rotterdam for the production of this radiophonic composition. For obvious reasons, the cast of the play quite coincides with the WORM crew of that time. Xentos is also known under one of his many pseudonyms (Jim Marsh, L.Voag, Harmon Y Phraisier, Amos, etc.). The play is partly a meditation on narrative using reality as experienced (snatches of conversation, confused messages, momentary images) verses organised reality (the narratives of TV, books, storytelling). But lots of other mind warp shit as well.


co-produced by VPRO’s Cafe Sonore and Radia Network