Yuri Landman

On the 9th of june@WORM, Yuri Landman gave one of his first workshops about his instrument called ‘The Caterpillar’.  A bit of info about that;

The Caterpillar is an instrument which can be used as a noise drum guitar in the tradition of Glenn Branca’s ‘Mallet Guitars’ as well as a convenient bowed instrument or a more traditional slide guitar commonly used in country music.

With two drum sticks you can easily develop a percussive sliding technique with one stick functioning as a slide to select a pitch and with the other stick you hit the sliding stick. The instrument also functions well with drum techniques such as double strokes and bouncing.

The instrument features two pickups. It can be used as a stereo instrument and creates a beautiful audio spectrum at recording sessions when two amps are being used. A switch can change the stereo signal in a mono set up which is easier for live situations.
Three musical scales are drawn on the instrument that all together clarify the played tones and the harmonic positions. The color dotted series are equal to the system used on the Home Swinger. Two small movable bridges allow the player to select four fundamental tones.

Here are some photo’s of the workshop;

(photo’s by Joost & Thies)

A Question;
Can anybody that joined the workshop comment on their experiences? We would appriciate that…

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Instrument builder / musician Yuri Landman and WORM recording studio have partnered.
prototypes of Yuri’s instruments will come to the WORM studio to be freely used by anyone. So except for the very special vintage synth collection that we had now an unprecedented accumulation in strings. At the moment;  the Home Swinger, the Empire State Rocker,  DrumGuitar/ Caterpillarguitar and last but not least the Landman Kalimba. More soon! Yuri also continues to contribute to our Residency program and he will give an instrument-building workshop in june. see HERE.


14-05-11 De Waard/Jaspers Workshop

 ‘if you don’t have a good idea, you will never create a good composition’, ‘do more with less’ and ‘economy rules

Frans de Waard en Wouter Jaspers gave a workshop with these thoughts in mind. Do less with more was a conceptual workshop and covered important issues such as do you work with a score, or improvise, wich choises do you make and why.

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PD Workshop finished

The very interesting and well received PD introduction workshop ended. With plans for a follow up next season, and maybe sooner, a PD meeting every month, to zoom in on the specific needs of the users, working with various hardware and pd. You can let us know if you are interested in any way in learning PD. Do see Katja’s website for info too! (

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The Benjolin Workshop 26 February 2011

The Benjolin is a ‘noise box’ that is ‘bent by design’, meaning that it always has a definite amount of unpredictability, while it is still intuitive to play.
In a one-day workshop, conducted by the buddies in electronic madness, Rob Hordijk and Joker Nies, participants will build a analogue sound-device, that is very different from what you usually will find with other DIY-kits.
The kit will ONLY be available through attending the workshop, it is not sold separately. The Benjolin DIY-kit will be easy enough to build even for a beginner in electronics. After successfully building the instrument, which is guaranteed with the help of Rob and Joker, the workshop participants will take home a versatile and very unique analogue synthesizer that can can influence the behaviour of other voltage-controlled modules through seven different control-voltages. It is also able to receive control-voltages for filter-frequency and both of it‘s oscillators.


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WORM Presents

Here are two clips of workshopstudents listening to the results of their work in our studio.

This Project is called Making Music At WORM and is developed especially for kids. Its a cooperation with SKVR.



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Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck “At End of Language – Performance Workshop” and Studio Residency

We invited Rudolf aka Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck (& imported him from japan, where he lives) to do a performance workshop @ WORM. Why? Because we like his audio & visible works and we think he can add a flavour (to…?) that is not available HERE at the moment.
He’s currently working in the studio on a radioplay, later to be released on the WORM Horspil Series.

You got  a minute? Listen here to the soundpiece wich was recorded live at his workshop end performance. Made by  Rudolf, Robert Kroos and LG Simonis

Listen to Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock Performance 121210 Live at WORM

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The Home Swinger DIY Workshop door Yuri Landman

The Homeswinger is a twelve string electric instrument with a changing sounds from poignant clock or bell-like sounds by means of an additional movable bridge. The technique is based on the work of Glenn Branca and Sonic Youth’s dissonant screwdriver guitar preparations and the theory of Harry Partch who incorporated it in his Kitara instruments.
Landman developed a special tone color scheme that clearly show the theory behind the practice of his predecessors.

The result of the workshop by Yuri Landman will be presented at WORM. The workshop members have composed pieces that they will carry out on their self-built instruments.

And here are the picts to proof it:

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