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Klangendum was founded in 2013 by lukas Simonis and Henk Bakker, who are both long term organisers (and co-founders) at Worm, Rotterdam, producing countless events and productions for Radio, Studio and Live Events. Reaching audiences also throughout an extended network worldwide of independent and innovative radiostations, like the and f.e. Resonance Fm (London) Soundartradio (UK), Curious Broadcast (Ierland) and Orange (Wenen). Further away WMFU (NEW JERSEY), ORF (Oostenrijk) and overhere amongst others Vpro radio, Dutch national broadcast Nos, Concertzender, Radio Patapoe, and appearing on Festivals like Inqubate en Strp.

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Klangendum Produces!

At the moment we organise as partners of Worm, Studio Recidencies and Workshops (anything from Sound Synthesis, Pure Data, Ableton Live, to Field Recording and Build Your Own Instrument) in our analogue studio.

We produce a weekly radioshow for the Concertzender (link) and occaissional also for Radia FM.

We release and distribute our work through CD’s, Cassettes and Records. We have a large digital archive of live concerts and studio residencies wich we publish through the Free Music Archive.


Our interests and expertise are in making radioplays, documentaries and fictionalised radio drama. We do Sound and Site Specific- projects, Soundwalks and Installations. We do manifest ourselves regularly through organising concerts, Live Radio Happenings and live Radio Play performances.

We love to place words and sounds in challenging settings.




For some years we take care of and manage the Cem/Worm Analogue Sound Studio. In and around the studio we organise Residencies and Workshops. Our activities range from anything between Build Your Own Instrument to Patch away on the Vintage Synths. The Studio is plug and play designed, for very easy recording or hooking up with midi.

Feel free to inform about our residency program, and check our blog :

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Our educational activities concern organising workshop modules for schools, also coaching for 2nd phase art school-education. Organising workshops in and around the analogue studio for editing and production software, hardware introduction and sound synthesis in the studio, building your own instruments, special themes like field recording, radioplay and song poems, music and performance production. Anything goes.


On this website you’ll find a lot of information about our projects and activities. Feel free to contact us for a personal tour, or to discuss a residency or any outrageous plan involving Sound!

We also mediate for outside productions who are looking for musicians, composers and orginal speech actors.

Contact us at

Kort! Short!

Wat Doet Klangendum?

Wij organiseren en produceren projecten op allerlei gebied; zowel in eigenzinnige educatie/participatie projecten, alsook in het cureren en produceren van geluids- en radiokunst en het produceren en programmeren van live evenementen.

We hebben een groot netwerk van musici, geluids kunstenaars, beeldende kunstenaars, filmakers, schrijvers, dichters en nieuwe media artiesten.

Wil je meer weten of heb je zelf plannen? Mail

What Does Klangendum do?

We organise and produce projects and events of all sorts: initiating and producing sound and radio art,  entertaining and hands on education/participation projects for the young and old, and producing and programming of live events.

We have an extended network of musicians, sound artist, new media artists, visual artists, writers and poets.

Do you like to know more or do you have exciting plans? Mail us: