studio works

Here on display are some pieces, excerpts, studies and sound explorations, done by various studio guests over the past 2 years:

Captain Ahab did a ARP 2500 improv, in the week of his stay here before his concert on tuesday 25th of march 2008 (historical allready: Di 25 Mrt 2008 ‘de reünie’ with: captain ahab (us) + toecutter (au) + realicide (us) + eustachian.

Gelbart was here 1st week of may, in a increadible display of productiveness, produced several complete pieces as well as numerous studies, on ARP and Putney. Check em.

Gelbart – bad morning chicken
Gelbart ms20 improv
Gelbart unnumbered junk – CEM version
Gelbart_ ms20 improv number2
Max Tundra worked in the studio in june 2007 and produced this track for RadioWORM.

MaxTundra_The Gummiknuppel
Newk made a patch on his Korg ms20, looped it through the lxp1.

newk – ms20 through lxp1 (be patient. has slow fade-in)
Stephen O Mally worked a week in September 2008, working on a commisioned piece for a dance performance. he did various sound studies on the ARP, and brought in a keyboardplayer to play a midiscore while Stephen manipulated the ARP. This is one of the versions they took.

StephenOMally_ARP RAGA_281008

previously recorded in the wormstudio……….

“when vtb played at worm in december 2007 we were supposed to do a recording session that was to be used by worm for their online radio show or something on the worm web. it was in our contract that we do a show and recording session.when we arrived at worm for the studio recording there was no sound
engineer. a couple of hours later someone did come to record us but it was very ad hoc and we didn’t record too much.anyway, clarence took the recordings away and prepared some tracks from it. then he sent the tracks to the rest of the band and in typical volcano the bear style we forgot about them until now. so after that explanation vtb have 3 tracks recorded at worm. total time is about 14 minutes.would you like us to send them to you? also, we may want to use them ourselves at some point in the near future – is this ok with worm?ok, i hope all this makes sense to you and we look forward to your response.cheersaaron”

Thanks to Aaron Moore for sending these tracks.




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Listen here (or download) some mp3 ringtones made in this studio.

putneykorg1 (download!)
putneykorg2 (download!)
putneykorg3 (download!)
ringtoneARP1 (download!)
ringtoneARP2 (download!)
ringtoneARP3 (download!)
ringtoneARP4 (download!)
ringtoneARP5 (download!)
ringtoneARP6 (download!)
ringtoneARP7 (download!)
ringtoneARP8 (download!)
ringtoneARP9 (download!)
ringtoneARP9a (download!)
ringtoneARP10 (download!)
ringtoneARP11 (download!)
ringtoneARP12 (download!)
ringtoneARP13 (download!)
ringtoneARP14 1 (download!)

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