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Studio Residency


At the moment we organise Studio Residencies and Workshops (anything from Sound Synthesis, Pure Data, Ableton Live, to Field Recording and Build Your Own Instrument) in our analogue studio, as partners of Worm.

For some years we manage the former Cem, nowadays Klangendum/Worm (partly) Analogue Sound Studio. In and around the studio we organise Residencies and the occasional Workshop.  The Studio is plug and play designed, for very easy recording or hooking up with midi. It has mainly the function of a laboratory, but can also be used as a recording studio. Sound artists and musician come here to start a new project, experiment, steal sounds from the vintage synths, or do a well recorded live session.

Feel free to inform about our residency program, and check our blog : (old) and HERE.


Here’s a list of the most important studio gear.

Recording/Editing gear


– IMAC 3.06 Ghz Intel Core 2 duo (OSX 10.6.8) with Ableton Live, Protools 10, PD, Reaper.


– Metric Halo 2882 8

– extra; Ultragain 8 ch Behringer


– 4x Kenton Midi Cv Routers, midi network to most of the synths.

– Recording and monitoring via 24 + 16 in 16 channels Tascam analogue mixing console and SPDIF

– Analogue recording using Tascam 16 track/1” and Telefunken 2 track .” master recorder

(not in use right at the moment)

– Analogue/digital master compressor + tube effects


– KEF R107 reference speakers

– Adam A8x near-field speakers


– 2x AKG C 1000

– Neumann TLM 102

– 2 x Oktavas MK 012

– 2 x Neumann KM 184

– 1 x beyerdynamic mic M88TG

– AKG C 4000 B


– ARP 2500 synthesizer inc. sequencer

– ARP 2600

– Serge modular synthesizer


– PPG 1002 + PPG 313/314 modular sequencer / switch

– Analogue Solutions AS8899 modular drumsynthesizer

– Synton Syrinx

– Optigan (not functioning at the moment -march 2016)

– Nord Modular Synth

– Erebus Dreadbox

– Moog Etherwave Theremin Plus

-BonCoeur Modular DIY Synth


– Benjolin (and other home made mini synths and noise boxes)

– Yuri Landman strings; ao. the Home Swinger and the Empire State Rocker.